Our Language Program is based on the Modern Greek Australian Curriculum as set out by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. (ACARA). Students learn to use the language; learn by using the language and learn about the language.


Reading: This area deals with silent reading and reading aloud. Students develop an awareness of the purpose of reading: they read for pleasure and entertainment (stories, myths, fables, poems); for information (newspapers, websites, books); for communication (letters, emails). Students develop phonetic, semantic and syntactic cues to improve their reading and comprehension.


Writing: Students are encouraged to express and reflect on their own ideas, thoughts and opinions. They enjoy writing journals, dialogues, short stories, birthday invitations, articles, emails, recipes, menus, Easter & Christmas Cards.


Listening and Speaking: Students are allowed to experiment with their speaking in a comfortable, non provocative atmosphere. Teachers encourage students to give speaking a go and learn through their mistakes. By taking part in role-plays, interviews, theatrical performances, project presentations, speeches, singing, games and informal conversations, students can develop accurate pronunciation and appropriate intonation and phrasing.


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Email: croubos@icloud.com or info@pythagorasgreekschool.org


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