For all inquiries, please use the Contact Link . If you wish to enrol your child, you must print and complete the enrolment form and either return the form in person at one of our school campuses or email directly to info@pythagorasgreekschool.org

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Every effort is made to keep the fees to a minimum whilst continuing to provide a high quality educational program for our students. Fees are payable in advance or charged in 2 instalments. 

1st instalment (Week 1): (50%)

2nd instalment: (30 June): (50%)

Payments are made by EFT . 

Important Notes:

1) The School accepts enrolments on the basis that the student will attend the whole school year.

2) In case of cancellation, refund will be issued for fees that have been paid in advance, provided:

a. The School has been informed in writing.

b. The current school Semester fees are covered.

3) At all times it is at the School's discretion to determine the level of refund and the when the refund can be made.

4) The School reserves the right to recoup administrative expenses from parents who consistently fail to respond to its reminders for outstanding fees.

5) The School retains the right to withhold reports as well as to cancel the enrolment of a student, if fees remain unpaid by the due date without an appropriate extension from the School.

6) A late payment fee of $40 may be charged on all accounts which have not been paid within 30 days of the prescribed due date.


The school reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of a student where:

a) The Enrolment Form has not been returned.

b) There is no adequate co-operation on the part of the parents/students in relation to School Regulations.

c) There is no satisfactory response on the part of the parent/s to school reminders for the payment of outstanding school fees.

Parents who wish to cancel the enrolment of their children are required to notify the College in writing. Please see 'Important Notes' above for fee refunds.

d) At the discretion of the Principal. 

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Email: info@pythagorasgreekschool.org

 Mobiles: 0417 393 025  or 0417393049