18. March 2021
VCE SAC This week our Year 11 and 12s are completing their first assessment for 2021 or as they are known in VCE, SACs (School Assessed Coursework) . The SAC is based on the study of their first theme: Happiness & Friendship. Throughout this theme, students not only reflected on their own friendships, however, they discovered the teachings of Ancient Greek philosophers. For example, Epicurus believed friendship is a key ingredient of happiness.
05. March 2021
School Blessing 2021
School Blessing - Αγιασμός Thank you to Father Dimitrios for conducting the School Blessings at our South Melbourne and Elwood Campuses this week. We are fortunate to have such a lovely priest attend our school and explain to the children a little about his life as a priest and the significance of the blessing.
15. August 2020
On the 15th of August, Greek Orthodox Christians, all around the world, celebrate the Dormition of the Theotokos. On that day at our Greek School we usually light the Kandilaki and say Χρόνια Πολλά to all those with the following names: Mary, Maria, Despina, Des, Desi, Panagiota, Penny, Mario, Peter, Panagiotis or any other variation. Due to Covid-19 this was not possible, however, go to the following site to view a great explanation of the icon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pv2uy0J3eM
10. May 2020
We are so proud of those students who took the time to draw some incredible pictures and write some beautiful poems! One student even composed and recorded a magical song! In no particular order, they are: Anna Chrisafis, Thomas Kouts, Dimitra Christopoulos, Allegra Michelakis, Alexia Psaropoulos, Alexnadra Souvlis, Anna Healy, Gabriel Batsakis, Esther Kouroupis, Henrik Chrisafis, Ryan Psaropoulos, Zara Michelakis, Stavros Sotiropoulos, Annie Roubos, Yianna Haggar & Ethan Balaskas.
28. February 2020
During last month’s parents’ information session, the principal, Mr Roubos, explained the VCE program to parents interested in finding out more about the two final years of secondary schooling. It was a great honour to have Father Chris from St Eustathios, South Melbourne and Father Dimitrios from Sts Constantine and Helen’s, South Yarra, at our school campuses to perform the Holy Blessing.
09. December 2019
What a great success our End of Year Concerts were!!! With the theme this year being Greek Food, how could they not be!
01. November 2019
Some photos from the VCE TAVERN NIGHT at HOUSE OF PAN BRIGHTON where the students celebrated with Mr Constantine Roubos and some staff in Ms Neofotistou, Ms Grigopoulos and Mrs Mary Alaveras.
15. August 2019
On the 15th of August we commemorated one of the more important name days of the Christian Orthodox calendar, the Dormition of Virgin Mary, otherwise know in Greek, tis Panagias (της Παναγίας).
05. May 2019
Please find attached all the winners of our 2019 Mother's Day Competition.
06. April 2019
Easter 2019 Easter (Pascha) is the most celebrated day in Greek culture. Rich in traditions and customs, it is the highlight of the religious and cultural calendar. We certainly hope that you all enjoyed your Easter celebrations. Χριστός Ανέστη! It was great to see many students bring in their strongest red egg on the first lesson back after Easter for our annual RECC – Red Egg Crack-off Competition...

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