02. June 2019
Easter 2019 Easter (Pascha) is the most celebrated day in Greek culture. Rich in traditions and customs, it is the highlight of the religious and cultural calendar. We certainly hope that you all enjoyed your Easter celebrations. Χριστός Ανέστη! It was great to see many students bring in their strongest red egg on the first lesson back after Easter for our annual RECC – Red Egg Crack-off Competition...
10. April 2019
Our school recently celebrated the 25th of March. Firstly we paraded at the Shrine of Remembrance on Sunday the 24th of April. And on the last day of term all campuses held special assemblies to honour the heroes and heroines of our Struggle for Independence.
11. March 2019
Father Dimitrios from Sts Constantine and Helen’s, ventured to our school campuses this year to perform the Holy Blessing. We truly appreciate his support this year.
07. March 2019
The theme of this year's concerts was "Screen Time" and boy, did it resonate with all the parents and grandparents!
11. November 2018
Our VCE Greek Night which was held on Saturday 13 October at Monkey Blue in Hughesdale. The students enjoyed a traditional Greek banquet whilst catching up with their peers about their year so far. The music played was exceptional, a rich repertoire of contemporary popular music. A special thanks goes to some of our alumni and teachers who also attended the evening.
15. October 2018
Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of people affected by the recent fires of Greece.
14. October 2018
On the 15th of August we commemorate one of the more important name days of the Christian Orthodox calendar, the Dormition of Virgin Mary.
12. August 2018
Every year after Easter our students bring their strongest family red egg that survived all the crack-off battles during the holidays to school for the annual Easter RECC. Congratulations to John Roubos, Stavros Sotiropoulos, Stavros Zervas and Dylan Koutsovasilis for being our Easter RECC champions of 2018.
26. April 2018
National Day Parade 2018 - Sunday 25th March Thank you to all our wonderful students, parents and teacher for attending this year's parade. It was an amazing day embellished by the presence of the euzones. ΖΗΤΩ Η ΕΛΛΑΣ!
07. March 2018
In Week 3 Father John and Father Dimitrios ventured to our school campuses to perform the sacred mystery of the Holy Blessing.

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